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Traditional, authentic Thai Massage

The Thai Massage Centre in Bathgate provides professional & authentic Thai massage and ease in sciatic nerve pain.

Looking for a traditional Thai Massage? The Thai Massage Centre in Bathgate is ideally located in the Central Belt of Scotland. Make an appointment today.

The massage involves body stretching and deep focus on the muscles. In line with traditional methods, no oils are used and in most cases the client lays on a traditional mat on the floor and wears comfortable and loose clothing – to allow free movement.

The client may be positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions during the course of the massage treatment.

Comfortable and loose clothing should be worn (eg. cotton t-shirt and leggings) as this allows fluid movements, enabling a more enjoyable experience.

The massage practitioner will lean on the client’s body using their hands and usually straight forearms locked at the elbow to apply firm rhythmic pressure. The legs and feet of the practitioner may also be used to fixate the body or limbs of the recipient.

In some other positions, hands fixate the body, while the feet do the massaging action. A full Thai massage session typically lasts two hours or more, and includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body; this may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on the recipient’s back and arching the recipient into bhujangasana (or cobra position).

Our traditional Thai Therapies:


The traditional Thai massage involves gently stretching the limbs and working deep into pressure points of the muscles, releasing the tension. The massage uses authentic Thai balm which contains beneficial aromatic properties, relaxing the mind as well as soothing the body. This massage is particularly recommended for relief after sporting activities.


This massage combines the skin-benefiting oil Swedish full body massage and the deep massage techniques of a traditional Thai massage, guaranteed to relieve all stress and tension in your muscles allowing you to unwind. Not only will you leave feeling completely refreshed and relaxed but your skin will have improved in appearance and texture.


The head and shoulder massage (similar to an Indian head massage) stimulates blood circulation in the scalp which is proven to have benefits for your hair while also relieving stress in the forehead and facial muscles. The shoulders are prone to building up knots and cause pain and so this massage is specifically designed to focus on this area, allowing a better posture and more ease with daily movement.


Reflexology has many healing properties for the organs, we work on pressure points of the feet connected with the vital organs. This type of massage promotes the natural function of each corresponding organ within the body and stimulates blood circulation.

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Traditional Thai Massage, Easing of Sciatic Pain, Head and body massage, Reflexology, Swedish massage


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