Fighters Hive Martial Arts & Fitness

Updated: Feb 8

55 Hopetoun St, Bathgate EH48 4PB

Call: 07702 751740


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Fighters Hive Martial Arts & Fitness

Fighters Hive is a Martial Arts School where students train in a professional, friendly and welcoming environment. With a variety of training equipment, a fully matted training area, boxing ring and punch bags.

Head coach Ashe Mohammed has been passionate about martial arts since he was just 8 years old and has fought at amateur and professional levels. As a coach, he likes to lead by example, regularly testing himself out on the competition mats alongside his students. He takes pride in helping his students achieve their own personal goals. and has a close relationship with each individual member, striving to help and develop their martial art skills while improving their health, fitness and self-confidence.

Whatever your fitness level or experience - members range from professional fighters to beginners, There’s something for everyone and Fighters Hive’s and their main aim is to encourage you to start training and get fit.

I would highly recommend this club, instructor, students and atmosphere, as an excellent place for kids do develop and grow in Martial Arts.

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Classes Available

Muay Thai, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Ladies Fitness, Boxing, Kids Muay Thai, NoGi Jiu Jitsu, Training

Opening times:

Monday 6–9:30pm

Tuesday 6–9pm

Wednesday 5–9pm

Thursday 6–9:30pm

Friday 3–7pm

Saturday 10am–1pm

Sunday Closed

Facebook: Fighters Hive